THEME BY AMANDAROSE Die young, live forever.

Die young, live forever.

I am Ross, I reblog things and Write shit I guess.
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does anyone else suddenly get hit with flashes of dialogue or scenery or characterization that would be perfect to use if you actually had a plot you could incorporate it into

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Fill it in


Name: Ross

Birthday: 8 Aug

Favourite Color: Brown

Lucky number: 2

Height: 5’10

Talents: Writing, Sarcasm, puns

Last dream you remember: I was riding a horse.

Can you juggle: hell no

Art/Sport/Both: both

Do you like writing: I guess so

Do you like dancing: I dance like a white boy, so no.

Dream vacation: Alaska


Guys/Girls/Both/Other: Gals

Hair colour: like, light.. brown?

Eye colour: blue…ish?

Humorous/Serious: funny

Taller/Shorter: shorter

Biggest turn-off: Selfish assholes

Biggest turn-on: lip biting while kissing. holy. shit.

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Monica Martin is bae.



we’ve all got that weird pretty big secret that we don’t really hide but like we don’t flaunt it like “My brother died of cancer” or “I’m gay” or “I tried to kill myself last year” or anything really and when you find out somebody’s big plot twist you know you’re in this friendship for the long run


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Black Panther by Diego Yapur


Black Panther by Diego Yapur

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a test for something new 


a test for something new 

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Here the amazing works of Keith Thompson, someone who made me want to be an artist.

Make sure to read the little backstories to his works on his site. Real artists don’t only draw a picture, they draw something that pulls you into another world. Artists are storytellers. 

It’s the feeling you get when you see some beautiful piece of art, and, for just that moment, you can see it breathe, see it move. You can smell the flowers, the fire or the fumes. You can feel the rumble of the ground, the piercing cold of the wind and the warmth of the hearth. To be able to create that experience, an experience that reaches into your very being, is what makes an artist.

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